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About Truessence Wellness & Spa

Truessence Wellness & Spa is the new “modern-day spa” in town. Aiming to deliver nothing but the highest quality services and products from Asia, and unparalleled level of customer service - this is our benchmark.
Thriving every day, Truessence Wellness & Spa is committed to providing its clienteles with affordable yet quality and professional  services and products.

To be the most admired beauty and wellness spa in Kenya. Providing affordable yet excellent service at all times to customers from all walks of life.

Our Mission
It is our mission to provide every customer an easy access to beauty and wellness in a comfortable, clean setting, and a service that is uniquely different at a highly affordable price points.

Experience the secrets of relaxation in a tranquil setting

Treatments and services

Facial Bliss

Facial Bliss

Placenta/Collagen Facial Treatment – A nourishing, anti-ageing facial procedure complete with mask that combat the effects and signs of ageing. This facial treatment tones, soothes and brightens the skin, revitalizing it in the long term. KSH 3,000 (1 hr)

Indian Ocean Splash – A refreshing facial treatment which helps lighten skin as fruit acids are gently massaged into the skin after being cleaned. Great for oily skin and pimple/acne prone skin. KSH 2,500 (55 minutes)

Anti-Oxidant Detox Facial – An energizing facial treatment that gives you a moisturized feel afterwards. It also enhances collagen elasticity. A wonderful facial for sensitive and /or stressed skin. KSH 2,500 (55 minutes)

Over-the-Edge Boosting Facial –A calming facial treatment which uses a special mask to rejuvenate and nourish skin. This facial treatment improves nutrient supply and balances the skin’s natural oils. KSH 2,500 (55 minutes)

Iontophoresis Facial Treatment – A non- invasive facial treatment method of restoring skin by encouraging elastin production with electrode stimulation while infusing the skin with vitamins. An ideal treatment for melasma and skin pigments. KSH 3,500 (60 minutes)

Wart Removal Treatment - This gentle procedure uses electro cauterization to remove stubborn warts and skin tags. For a clear and flawless looking skin.
Price starts at 3,000 ksh
*Prices vary based on the size and number of warts and their location on the body

Diamond Peel- A non-invasive facial treatment effectively promotes skin renewal by removing dead skin cells using a diamond-tip wand, resulting to a lighter, cleaner and more radiant skin.  Price KSH 4,000 (90 minutes)

Spa Delights

Anti- Oxidant Whitening Body Scrub – Relax and reduce stress with this full body treatment for a softer, smoother skin all-over. KSH 3,500 (1 hr)

Honey Fusion Body Scrub –A body scrub treatment that lightens skin as it massages away dead surface skin cells, revealing new ones, for a more supple and soft skin. KSH 3,500 (1 hr)

Swedish with Aromatherapy Massage –Indulge in a soothing massage combining Swedish and Aromatherapy style and feel invigorated after. KSH 3,000 (1 hr)

Deep Tissue Massage –Stress-relieving treatment. Skillful movements are performed with the hands to stretch tight muscles and ease toxic overload from daily stress. KSH 3,500 (1 hr)

Intuitive Hot Stone Massage –Effectively improves lymph drainage and circulation while relieving stress. This massage uses natural basalt rock that retains heat and enables to penetrate deep stressed muscles. KSH 4,000 (1 hr)

African Coffee Detox Wrap - A full exfoliation, anti-cellulite and caffeine rich detox wrap! This cellulite busting wrap helps stop water retention. It also helps improve the appearance of cellulite resulting in firmer, smoother and tighter looking skin. KSH 4,000 ( 1 hr 30 minutes)

Spa Delights
Hand & Feet Essentials

Hand & Feet Essentials

Pedicure/Manicure –A warm application of detoxifying mask followed by a gentle exfoliation – a nail, cuticle, feet and hand pampering! Finished off with your choice of nail lacquer. KSH 1,500 (45 minutes)

Foot/ Hand Spa with Reflexology –An intensely relaxing hand and foot treatment! An anti-oxidant mask is applied to the skin and nails to ensure continued skin health and to rejuvenate hands /feet followed by a 30 minute foot reflexology. KSH 2,000 (45 minutes)



For the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation! Choice of Deep Tissue Massage or Intuitive Hot Stone Massage + Anti- Oxidant Whitening Body Scrub
KSH 5,000 (2 hrs.)

The ultimate face and body renewal! Iontophoresis Facial Treatment + Africa Coffee Detox Wrap
KSH 6,000 (2 hrs 30 mins)

Buy 2 sessions of Diamond Peel treatment and take 1 Diamond Peel treatment for FREE!
KSH 10,000 *2 weeks interval per session.


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We are located in PJ Plaza , Links Road, Nyali Cinemax Road Mombasa

+254796 981 301  | +254738 603 303

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Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday, 9am - 8pm

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